Jolt is a Autobot aligned Minicon in the N.E.S.T Aliance fanfic


Jolt is extremly friendly and will find anyway he can to help, from fighting Decepticons to serveing you drinks, this little Autobot is always trying to be useful. Now that he is cayght up in the war with the Decepticons he is mainly used for survalliance a eye in the sky so to speak.

Though he usually stays out of the battle he will rush to help if he thinks his best friend Cliffjumper is in trouble.

He is also the basis for the N.E.S.T exosuit. These suits are designed to give the humans a fighting chance against the much larger Decepticons, there is over 100 of these suits produced every year and they can be controled by remote by an Autobot or be piloted by one of their human allies.


Jolt (Minicon 2010)

Jolt tansforms into a small military scout helicopter. Due to his size he has limited articulation and only comes with a small handgun.

He is availiable with any of his fellow Autobots, this mass avaliability is to emulate the army of exosuits N.E.S.T have made to help in the battle with the Decepticons.

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