This Landmine is a Decepticon that is part of the Transformers Animated universe

Landmine was normal Mine-Protected vehicle before he was brought to life by an Allspark fragment. Soon after activation, he names himself from a sign on another Mine-Protected Vehicle that reads Landmine. He then tries to talk to the rest of the vehicles, but when none of them answer, he becomes angry and smashes one of them by ramming into it. He then escapes the military base and hits the road , smashing cars along the way, persued by the police. When the Autobots hear of this, Bulkhead and Optimus Prime confront Landmine in the middle of the highway, and are suprised when Landmine transforms after they themselves do. Bulkhead then tries to calm Landmine down, which succeeds until a persueing tank shoots him, which Landmine proceeds to crush.

After a long ensueing battle, Landmine is finaly thrown of the edge of a bridge by Prime.

Landmine is found washed up on a beach by Soundwave days later, with Soundwave finaly bringing him back online, and convincing him to join the Decepticons, which Landmine accepts.

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