IDW Lazorbeak
Lazorbeak is a predacon in the Beast era

Lazorbeak is the most feared space pirate in the galaxy. At least according to himself, that is. He acts just like the pirates seen in many datatracks of numerous galaxies. It is possible that he used to be captain of the Dark Vigor, as he claims. It's just that no one believes him. He claims to have stowed away on the Axalon in search of classified Maximal technologies to sell to the highest bidder. He also claims that his crew will search for him until they find him, even across transwarp. The other Predacons however, feel that his memory files were corrupted during his awakening from the stasis pod. His constant movement and incessant tapping is indicative of some kind of programming glitch, like attention deficit disorder in humans. The upside of this glitch is that he’s constantly searching for something to destroy, even if it’s just Earth creatures. He knows facts pertaining to his past life that cannot be verified, but he also knows classified Maximal missions that can be partly verified. This leads the Predacons to speculate that he was a Maximal technician. He possesses advanced knowledge of Maximal weapons and technology. He claims this is because he has stolen so many Maximal cargo shipments. His long beak contains rows of sharp, carbon-coated teeth that can latch onto his victims. He is able to swoop down at his targets in beast mode and rapidly transform to fire at them in robot mode. He also has intricate knowledge of Maximal weapon systems, computers, and an array of devices. Lasorbeak is often so preoccupied in hunting that he forgets to refuel. Using his laser excessively tends to drain his energon levels quickly. Knowing that the others don't believe his pirate stories has caused him to alienate himself from them.

Strength 6
Intelligence 7
Speed 9
Endurance 6
Courage 10
Rank 6
Firepower 8
Skill 8
Total 60


R lazorbeak018
R lazorbeak012

R lazorbeak040
R lazorbeak035

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