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Date of birth

Around 35,000 years old

Date of death

Not deceased yet

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Sea serpent/Experimental attack boat


Male Programming



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His crew of space pirates




Cybertronian Pirate



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Decepticons (?)

"The entire galaxy is mine to plunder and pillage – its treasures and secrets were created only for me…''"
—Leviatron before his capture by the Elite Guard back 35,000 years ago

Leviatron is a name that once struck fear in the hearts of both Autobot and Decepticon solar cycles ago alike due to his cold intellect, calculating mind, and his merciless nature to those who stand in the way of found treasure (which surprisingly figures like Megatron and Starscream admire greatly). His dual transformation of a mechanical creature and vehicle make him a truly formidable opponent to face, given the upper hand if water is near by as well as his amazing ability to create and manipulate ice. However, he has a sense of honor and often displays gentleman-like traits when it comes to combat.


A long time ago, this sinister Transformer's crew of feared space pirates which consisted of Leviatron himself, his loyal second-in-command Mirage, the quiet child-like Storm Surge, flirtatious Thunderblast, and countless others ravaged many star systems, attacking many Cybertronian colonies (even destroying some!) in their quest for intergalactic bounty to claim. However the reign of terror inflicted upon innocent colonies and planets by this menacing bot ended with his crew’s capture by a small band of Elite Guard members led personally by Ultra Magnus’ predecessor, the justice-obsessed Nova Magnus and at the hand of the Cybertronian High Council, the fearsome pirate was sentenced to banishment on a far-off world for "as long as the All-spark's power continued to be in one piece."

Sadly those words were short-lived, as when Earth-bound Autobot leader Optimus Prime shattered the All Spark with Sari's key to deny Megatron the relic's power, Leviatron soon stirred from his slumber. Apparently the planet chosen by the High Council to be Leviatron's prison (and resting place) was none other than Earth itself and the feared pirate was placed in the depths of Lake Superior along with his three officers. After breaking free from the ice-coated waters, Leviatron began a search for the rest of his crew who were placed just outside the harbor of Detriot. He sent out Storm Surge and Thunderblast to explore the city which quickly lead to a quick conflict between the two and some of the Autobots (and which Thunderblast fell head-over-hells for a certain yellow-colored 'Bot during the fight). However before the battle could have gotten to a deadly turn, Mirage arrived to info the duo of something important and then the three fled from the city (not before Thunderblast blew a kiss to Bumblebee - who felt creeped out by this...)

Leviatron has plans for the city of Detriot and its residents (both human and robot), but what those plans include are yet to known...


  • He has the tendecy to say "Yesss...". Reminds you of somebody?