Marshmelows war is a three part story about the war marshmelow was in.

Part one

'Go.'!Frostbite said ordering Team 1 and Team 2 to go.'We must protect The Kingdom.'Vat said.'Alright Team 1,lets go'.Vat said.'Oh hell no.'Rip gard said.'Missiles' Vat said

part two

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom.'Uh, ware am I'Marshmelow said.'Yall okay'?Servo Said.'Were pinned here,Vat said, it sucks to'.'Ahh'.Another one bites the dust'.'Another missile'.Servo said

part three

'huh huh huh' Marshmelow said.'I got ya buddy'Vat said.'Vat, watch out'Servo said.'Huh'Vat said.'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh'Vat screamed after he was shot to death.'Come on pistachio said, your still in one piece.

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