The Autobot Matrix of Leadership is an ancient Cybertronian relic, traditionally carried by a Prime. It contains part of Primus' Spark.


The Matrix of Leadership was created when Primus finished the Life-creating business, and he became the home planet of his last creation, the Transformers. He stored a fifth of his spark in a container and gave it to the first Cybertronian, Prima. He told him that the power of the Matrix would light their darkest hour. After 500 years in Prima's posession, the Matrix was handed down to Axiom Prime. When he died 700 years later, it was given to Vector Prime. He kept it for 805 years, and then handed it to Nexus Prime. Nexus Prime had possibly the most unlucky reign of all the Primes. At one point, the Cosmic Rust plague struck, and Nexus was forced to open the Matrix to cure Cybertron.

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