Biographical information


Date of birth

long ago

Date of death

not dead yet

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Thompson 1928A1 submachine gun




thirty-five feet

Sensor color


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destroyer of peace


Decepticon leader

Chronological and political information


Megatron is the malicious leader of the Decepticons. His weaponry includes a nuclear fusion cannon, formed from his alternate form's barrel, and a deadly arm blade.


Tired of being ruled by beings bigger than him, Megatron killed Cybertron's three giant rulers. He then searched for the Key to Vector Sigma, but Optimus Prime had already launched it into space.


Legends class

  • Megatron (Legends, 2009)

Part of the first wave of legends, Megatron transforms into a fairly accurate 1928A1 submachine gun. In robot mode, he is also fairly accurate to his appearance in the movie. He does have his fusion cannon, as it is part of his transformation. However, he doesn't have his sword.

  • Super Megatron (Legends, 2009)

As one of the final waves of Legends, Megatron is a repaint of the first Legends toy. He is now black, and has shades of silver on his arms and legs.

Voyager class

  • Megatron (Voyager, 2009)

Part of the first wave of Voyagers, Megatron transforms into a very accurate submachine gun. However, the size isn't accurate. In his gun mode, he fires a missile, and in his robot mode, the missile fires from his fusion cannon. He still doesn't have his sword.

Leader class

  • Megatron (Leader, 2009)

In the first wave of Leaders, Megatron is released alongside his Autobot counterpart Optimus Prime. He transforms into a 1928A1 submachine gun even more accurate than the Voyager version. When his trigger is pulled in gun mode, the barrel shoots a missile and emits a machine gun noise. In robot mode, he finally has his sword. When you press the Decepticon signal, he roars, "THE KEY WILL BE MINE!" and his eyes light up. He still shoots the missile in robot mode.

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