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Megatron Cybertronian mode

Megatron is a decepticon in Universes: Animated

Megatron only wants all cybertronians to be happy. Unfortunatly he believes the only way to have a content existance is through conquest. Once an autobot senator, he now wants to rule cybertron and the entire universe. The only thing he needs to accomplish this is: Find and control the allspark.

Strength 10
Intelligence 10
Speed 9
Endurance 10
Courage 10
Rank 10
Firepower 10
Skill 10
Total 79


R activatormegatron038
R activatormegatron020
R activatormegatron057

R activatormegatron049

Deluxe class

R megatrondlxcybertron055
R megatrondlxcybertron026

R megatrondlxcybertron086

R megatrondlxcybertron065

Voyager class

R voyagermegatron051
R voyagermegatron028

R voyagermegatron098

R voyagermegatron062

Leader class

R megatronleader076
R megatronleader031

R megatronleader092
R megatronleader081

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