Biographical information


Date of birth

Around 35,000 years old

Date of death

Not deceased yet

Physical description
Alternate Mode



Male Programming



Sensor color


Personal information

Leviatron's crew of space pirates, Storm Surge




Cybertronian Pirate


Officer, 2nd-in-command

Chronological and political information



Decepticons (?)

"I'll pound ya into cyber-dust!''"
—Mirage in a bad mood...

Always angry. These are the only two words can describe Mirage, the gigantic 2nd-in-command to the ancient space pirate Leviatron. He may have huge anger issues but surprisingly he is a talented strategist who rarely risks anything of importance in any battle and seems to have a sense of first knowing his foes before beating them into scrap metal.

He apparently has a friendship with the 4th-in-command Storm Surge and both seem to be on good terms with each other.


In the glory days of Leviatron's rise to power, Mirage was the 1st Transformer to join the ruthless buccaneer in his intergalactic reign of terror and thus was made one of the most powerful pirates known, second only to his captain. Eventually he was captured by the likes of the Elite Guard and for his crimes, was sentenced by the High Council to be banished to a far-off world. Times went by, and soon when the All Spark was destroyed on Earth, the slumbering giant of a pirate began to wake. Shortly after breaking free from the frozen waters of Lake Superior along with Leviatron, Storm Surge, and Thunderblast, the group set off to the city of Detriot to seek out the other crew-mates who send to Earth as well. Later, Mirage appeared during the fight between some of the Earthbound Autobots and his fellow officers, telling the later of a matter that was important to speak at once and thus forcing the other two to retreat.

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