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Terrance Surge, Daniel Lovack, Schaffer


Decepticons, Terracons





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Mudslinger is an action proned, and easily exciteable fanonical character from A New Threat Emerges. He is always looking for an adrenaline rush, whether it's surfing down scrap piles at the junkpit or weaving in and out of traffic.


Commonly causing a headache for the other members of his squad, Mudslinger always pulls his favorite line.

"I can't help but be me dudes."

Even in battle he is often taking the destructive way out. When the group had to shut down the turbines that powered the Terracons force fields, Mudslinger opted the destructive way out, replying "Why turn them off manually when they'll just be started up again?".
Though he is destructive, irrational, and action proned, he makes up more for his scouting ability. Being smaller than Timeshift at 6'7", he can easily access smaller crevices the others can't. He later teams up with Daniel Lovack, learning from the human that not everything is about an excitement.


Whether it's a reconnaisance mission, or to infiltrate human abodes, Mudslinger is always on the job. Often resenting being small, he has no idea how big his role is among the group as Blockade often reminds him.

He and Soundbyte go way back, having formed a brotherly bond between the pair. Both look out for one another in action. When he's not looking for a quick thrill, Mudslinger is hanging out with Soundbyte.

Timeshift often calls himself 'the babysitter' when ever it involves looking out for this tiny headache. He is reluctant when Daniel teams up with Mudslinger, seeing how the calm human has his effects on the active autobot.

Daniel Lovack
After the first initial battle against the Terracons, Daniel and Mudslinger have perpetually teamed up, forming a bond of friendship between the pair. Without realizing, he teaches Mudslinger that not everything about life has to be a thrill.

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