laser gun arm?is that megatron?nah.


in the 80's

150px-Matrix of conquest

his matrix of torment


a super close up of his face in tank mode

faction:preds,decepticons,Eisen Dragoons

transforms to:Dragon,snake,and a tank sensor color:brownish amber gender:male allies:Vegarus,Northclaw,and Sixshot enemies:Salvo,and Something Prime homeworld:Unicron date of birth:october,1999 date of death:he can't die era(s):all tools/wepons:giganoto canon

a great predacon leader who bravly went and single handedly destroyed raxxum primmivor


accessories:giganoto canon

beast wars:

he is only availible in pittsburgh

he can transform into a cross between a robotic snake and a Dragon.

if you have it you know that he can turn into a futuristic tank by folding his arms and legs and by taking and bending his head backwardsand putting his canon on his back.

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