"I will have no sigil etched in my armor ever again."
—Nightblade, File Recovery

Nightblade is a character from File Recovery, by Xerios

Designation : Nightblade/Driftside
Creation Era : Late Golden Age
Optic Color : White
Main Armor Colors : Black, Midnight Blue, Dark Grey
Height : 30'
Alternate Mode : N/A
Weapons : Blades of All Types
Abilities : Flight Capable, Advanced Combat and Weapons Training
Faction : Decepticon Renegade
Job : Seeker
Personality : Unemotional and Intelligent.
Likes : N/A
Dislikes : N/A
Other : N/A
Relations : N/A


Nightblade is a seeker supposedly created just prior to the start of the war, though the exact timeframe is unclear. Very little is known of him, though it is thought by many Autobots that he was amongst the hundreds of Ferals recruited by Megatron at the abandoned penitentiary on Halicon. He has been spotted in several battles, including the Fall of Praxus, where it became quite evident that he refuses to follow orders given by Starscream, the Decepticon Second-in-Command.

At some point in time he was promoted to the head of Decepticon Special Operations and given command of his own personal squad. The only confirmed members of the squad are Darklighter and Exige.

After the events of Floatilla, Nightblade disappeared from active combat. Several vorns later, an Autobot patrol discovered an injured seeker on one of their routes and transported him back to base. The mech gave the name of Driftside and provided a story of an attempt to reach the remains of the Archives in Iacon, having wanted to find out information on a certain bot. It was later discovered, as the Autobots tried to help him reach the archives, that this mech was actually Nightblade. He was then captured and brought back to base, only to be released at the order of Optimus Prime.

He has not been seen since.

As of this moment, it is speculated that he may be the sparkling of Megatron, although there is a considerable amount of doubt on this theory.


Nightblade has appeared in flashbacks within Chapter Fifteen and Sixteen of File Recovery


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