The courageous and strategic leader of the rough-edged, hardened demolition squad known as the Combaticons. He was a famous war hero from a war in Cybertron's past and takes pride and honor in his duty, though he longs for the day when there will be peace and he will be able to rest his battle-weary core processor. Until then, he lives with the conflicts of keeping his team together and helping his daughter Vitani control her hateful urges, though he does spend a good deal of his time matching wits and trading insults with Hook even though they are actually good friends. He also goes a long way back with Megatron; the two of them are said to have fought together, which is why they are such good friends.

Toys: Generation 1

File:Onslaught (Robot).JPG

File:Onslaught (Truck).JPG

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