The cruel, tyrannical warlord at the helm of the oppressive Autobot Empire. He's paranoid, suspicious of absolutely everyone, belligerent, way too fond of his gun, and he exudes an air of raw, "Don't mess with me" power. He rules the Autobots with an iron fist, and most will cower in submissive postures in his presence. And, perhaps because the Autobots fear him, he is generally hated by all. Yet, because of his power, the other Autobots must respect him, as well. He is the very embodiment of absolutely-corrupted absolute power.

Toys: Generation 1

File:Optimus Prime (mirrorverse).jpg
File:Optimus Prime (Trailer)(Mirrorverse).JPG
File:Optimus Prime (Side)(Mirrorverse).JPG

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