A work of Transformers fan-fiction set in the G1-BW continuity.


Follows the adventures of the Outriders, an Autobot search and retrieval team as they attempt to escape Decepticon pursuit.


Outriders crosses several major moments in Transformer history, including: The War Within, The battle of Autobot City, and the lead up to the Great Downgrade.



  • Slipstream - A former miner, and the newest addition to the Outriders.
  • Airborne - The Outriders chief pilot, she is a skilled sharpshooter
  • FlatBed - Field Medic and team veteran
  • Avalanche - The interum leader of the Outriders after loosing his old team.
  • Idlewild - A junkion scout working for the Autobots
  • EchoOff - A triplechanger

Supporting Bots

  • BuyOut - A junkion merchant
  • Roadway - A replicant and loner who occasionally helps the Outriders
  • Emancipator - An Autobot headmaster and carrier
  • Silverback - A seer living deep within Cybertron.
  • Buckler - Deceased team leader


  • ??? - the currently unnamed leader of the elite Decepticon unit, and a secretly devout Chaos Bringer
  • AcidReign - A modified seeker
  • DangerZone - An ace air fighter
  • MetalRaiser - A necrocon
  • Shakedown - A disreputible decepticon information dealer
  • Nightshade - An assassin
  • FullBurn - a transportation expert
  • Drive-By - a young punk
  • Linebreaker - A decepticon thug


Also called Minicons or Micromasters

  • Add-On
  • The Trio - they work for Metalraiser
    • Boiler
    • Toiler
    • Troubler
  • Deflector
  • Rangefinder
  • Jammer
  • Scramble

Other Characters

  • GunRunner - self explanitory
  • Pioneer - an ancient cybertronian with recurring memory lapses.
  • Mainline - a neutral transportation expert on Cybertron


Outriders is an upcoming fan-fic project developed by Andrew "Vestras" Eade of the AllSpark community, and Michael "Swordsman" Lane. The story is currently in final planning stages.

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