The first impression most people have of Papil is that she's airheaded and flighty. This is not entirely untrue. Papil is not an airhead in the slightest sense of the word; she is actually more intelligent than the average transformer. This is offset by her somewhat scatterbrained personality, and her boundless enthusiasm. Papil is rarely ever serious, but when she does get serious, it's almost scary. She also curses in French, and likes giving people French nicknames.

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Morpho Butterfly





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Maximals, Predacons(sometimes)


Predacons, Venocons, 4 Horsemen, Renegades



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The New Beast Wars





Papil's past is not very well known, aside from the fact that she used to be a ballet dancer. She worked on a device that allowed for communications to be broadcasted through transwarp. She was a transwarp researcher for some time, but she then shifted her focus to medicine. She became a gifted surgeon able to repair seemingly mortal wounds as easily as some people put on shoes. No-one suspected that Papil actually had supernatural healing abilities. She was nicknamed the 'Angel of Life' by many people, and the hospital soon became enormously successful.

The Quest

Papil grew tired of concealing her ability, and one day, seeing two hovercraft collide and fall seventy stories, she proceeded to heal all three of the involved parties in a busy street. The hospital, thinking that she had collected a paycheck off a "lucky chance" and not skill, fired Papil, and she tapped her large savings to rent an apartment in Cybertropolis. When she heard about the expedition for the shards, she signed up, and met Zero, Ursus, and Sanya at the spaceport.


Papil is armed with two energy whips in her arms. These whips allow her to cut through almost any armor. She also has two sonic pistols which she can use in either mode. These pistols can shatter unprotected optics and auditory modules with ease. She often uses them to disable her opponents rather than killing them. She can also emit radar-reflective chaff, which increases her stealth. She possesses the ability to emit a Reflect-shield, which deflects energy and light based weaponry, but not physical blows or projectiles. She possesses the additional ability to heal virtually any wound, except for complete vaporization. She can even ressurect the dead, but she must have their spark's consent, and their wounds are not healed by ressurection. She is not very well armored or combat ready, and she is as such a simple scout.


Papil has pale blue mechanical sections and wings,and her body is mostly brown. She has pale green eyes.

Behind the scenes

Papil was born out of the desire to make a butterfly transformer. Her name is derived from the French word 'papillon', meaning butterfly.