Primal Prime
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Around 32,000 years old

Date of death

Not yet, but he'll die... And come back.

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Monster truck


Male Programming



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"Well, that's just PRIME!"

Primal Prime didn't want to be captain of a research vessel. He made his way through the Autobot Academy, only to be discharged because of an incident where three Autobot renegades escaped from him. However, he still respects his current research team, but misses the old days of hunting down Decepticons and rogue Autobots. He never expected to be thrust back into the position of soldier again, and this time, against the wicked Scourge!


After graduating Autobot boot camp with honors, Primal prime was selected to be trained in the Autobot Academy. Gladly taking the chance to prove his worth, he was teamed up with three others: Optimus (The smart one), Rodimus (The perfect one), and Sentinel (The jerky one). Although all four were friends for a while, Optimus was washed out after he completed training, while Sentinel moved on to the Elite Guard. Primal ended up as a law enforcement official, hunting down rogue Autobots. However, this all came crashing down when a trio known as the Monsterbots escaped, and he was demoted to captain of a research crew consisting of Roulette, Cannonball, Lifeline, and Goldbug.

While studying the planet Goo, the Axlon was attacked by the Darksyde, helmed by General of Destruction Scourge! Although the Autobots put up a good fight, the tide turned when Scourge told the navigator to transform the ship into the might Tidal Wave! The Autobots barely made it to a recently repaired space bridge, which Primal set a mine in so it would explode after they used it.

The Axalon made an emergency landing in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Miami, Florida. The Autobots escaped from the now derelict vessel before it sunk to the ocean floor, and made their way to the city, taking the forms of various vehicles.

Thanks to some Decepticons in the city of Detroit, all Transformers were looked upon with distrust by the people of Earth. Fortunately, Primal Prime's crew made friends with the teenage CEO of King Technologies, Kenji King.

Primal Prime eventually encountered the trio who were repsonsible from his fall from grace in the Everglades. Since they had landed on another planet before arriving on Earth, they had reformatted into technorganic monsters. After a battle with the trio, Optimus kept them captive, until Kenji suggested a truce. An uneasy alliance was formed between the Autobots and Monsterbots, and this alliance was needed for...

Scourge and his crew attacked! After a lengthy battle that destroyed much of Miami's port, the Monsterbots were called in and, with Primal's help, defeated the tyrant... For now.



Primal Prime (Voyager, 200?)

Primal Prime is a relatively rare toy only released in Florida. Primal Prime converts from a large monster truck into a Monster Convoy influenced robot mode, with a bit of Beast Machines and Beast Wars Optimus Primal in the head. His gimmickry is a boomerang stored on the vehicle mode's roof.