After Dion was revived by Alpha Trion, he was given the name Ramshot. A heavy duty combat mech, the battle upgrade has given him a new insight on life. Gone is the carefree best friend of Orion Pax, replaced by Optimus Prime's right hand bot. Devoted to the Autobot ideal, he is just as devoted to his friends. He is of the opinion that war ravages the soul, and he sees it as his duty to protect his friends sparks from hardening. Not an easy job, especially whendealing with Optimus Prime. Ramshot has watched his friend grow into a soldier, but does not regard all the changes as improvements.

Ramshot has always had Optimus' audio receptor, but he has never been an offical second in command. Partly because he feels he can be more effective in the background, and partly because he simply doesn't want the responsibility.


Dion No More

Conflict With Optimus Prime

Role As Interm Commander

Earth And Reformatting

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