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Insect 6
Ransack is a decepticon in g1

Unconcerned about safety of innocents ... will level an entire town to hunt down an enemy. A tough-talking, straight-to-the-point Insecticon, always looking forward to the next battle. In insect mode, leaps 200 feet at insect size, 1.5 miles normal size. Rear legs can shatter foot-thick steel; their vibrations from rubbing can crumble a brick wall. Antennae shoot 80kV electricity. Carries concussion blaster gun in robot mode.

Strength: 8.0
Intelligence: 5.0
Speed: 3.0
Endurance: 8.0
Rank: 5.0
Courage: 9.0
Firepower: 9.0
Skill: 5.0
Total: 52



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