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Ratchet is autobot medic in movieverse

AUTOBOT RATCHET is devoted to saving life, no matter what form it takes, and no matter whose it is. Every AUTOBOT has had his Spark preserved at least once by him, and more than one DECEPTICON has opened his optical sensors after a mortal blow only to find AUTOBOT RATCHET welding shut the final incision. He joined up with OPTIMUS PRIME not because he wanted to be a soldier, but because he believed the AUTOBOTS presented the last, best hope of perserving life in the Universe against the evil of the DECEPTICONS.

Strength: 4.0
Intelligence: 9.0
Speed: 6.0
Endurance: 9.0
Rank: 5.0
Courage: 10.0
Firepower: 3.0
Skill: 10.0
Total: 56


Legends class

R legendsratchet025
R legendsratchet037

R legendsratchet047

R legendsratchet043

Fast action battler

R fabratchet035
R fabratchet021

R fabratchet052

R fabratchet046


R bestbuyratchet026
R bestbuyratchet051

R bestbuyratchet073
R bestbuyratchet059



R deluxe-ratchet-022
R deluxe-ratchet-064

R deluxe-ratchet-091

R deluxe-ratchet-075



R ratchet-052
R ratchet-039

R ratchet-080

R ratchet-068

R ratchet-018

R ratchet-097

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