Reflector is actually three mechs in one: Spyglass, Spectro, and Viewfinder. Spyglass is the most intelligent of the three, a thoughtful, quiet, serious personality. His strength, and weakness, is in specificity--he sees everything in incredible detail. Viewfinder is the opposite in many ways: rambunctious, fun loving, and sometimes overly loud. His strength, and weakness, is also the opposite of Spyglass': he is the generalizer, the one who sees the big picture. Where Spyglass can't see the forest for the trees, Viewfinder can't see the trees for the forest. Spectro is the enigma of the three...deep, hard to know, but humorous and friendly. He is the one with the power to create blinding displays of light. However, while they are all three distinct persons in their own right, they share a mental bond so strong that they often blend into each other and they feel each other's pains and pleasures. All three speak in the royal we. Their bond serves to balance them, so that Reflector together is more than the sum of his parts, with Spectro serving as the bridge to join Spyglass and Viewfinder's disparate visions together.

Toys: Generation 1

File:Reflector (3) (Mirrorverse).JPG

File:Reflector (Mirrorverse).JPG

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