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Relapse is a fictional Decepticon from the Fan-fiction A New Threat Emerges. He is conniving, deviant, and intelligent. Though he follows Rickshaw's orders, he only sides his loyalty to Starscream. He is quite often sending Anchorbait to spy on the autobots for any information leading to their goals. While he finds the small decepticon's chaotic bursts of energy crude and intelligence lacking, he understands that his only use is spying and is often putting Anchorbait to good use.



Relapse isn't described however, but he has a red paint job matching that to his European vehicle mode and obtains a heavy European accent. He considers himself higher in intelligence than the others of his team, besides Rickshaw, which he uses to cover up his true loyalties to Starscream. He is often calling the others of lower rank Imbecile's without care. Both he and Anchorbait follow under Starscream's orders, disdainfully obeying Rickshaw in the mean time.

When first introduced in to the fiction, Relapse is seen hinting Onslaught the opportunity to please Rickshaw by using their captive as bait to lure Terrance into a false sense of security. Currently his role is short, but will eventually be lengthened further.


Being under Starscreams leadership, both he and Anchorbait work to their best ability without being discovered to unearth their leader's designated target. Though Anchorbait is faulty, he knows when to clam up and keep things under wraps when questioned.

Both he and Anchorbait are loyal to Starscream, doing what it takes in order to complete their missions under tight security. Further information to be released later.

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