Reprisal was a Havocon from the Transformers: Extinction fanon.

"It is the duty of the strong to crush the weak, that society may prosper."


Reprisal is the youngest of the Havocon Division, a fact belied by the charming way he has with words, and his uncanny ability to sway opinion to his side. One of the founders of Action Vos!, a group declared as a terrorist organisation by most jurisdictions on Cybertron, Reprisal is a believer in the superiority of the inhabitants of Vos over other Cybertronian denominations. Shortly after its inception, he and his comrades in Action Vos! engaged on a seven month long spree of terrorism and subversion aimed at ridding the city-state of the legions of foreigners who had settled there since the arenas had been set up.

Embassy Bombing

The ultimate act of this reign of terror was the bombing and destruction of the embassy for Tarn in the centre of Vos, resulting in the death of seventy-eight individuals, including Thunderblitz, the then-Governor of Tarn. Whilst the act in and of itself was secretly applauded by the Republic, the shadowy sect secretly ruling Vos through a puppet government, hysteria over its aftermath resulted in Reprisal being sentenced a life in the pits as a blood-sport gladiator. In the power vacuum after Thunderblitz’s death, Tarn’s standing army, led by the callous and brutal Shockwave, seized power in the city-state, setting up a harsh military junta fiercely opposed to Vos.

Vos-Tarn War

Within months of taking control of Tarn, Shockwave initiated the war between the two cities. Reprisal, like most of the criminals sentenced to a life of pit-fighting, was drafted into the Havocon Division, a squad of shock troops intended for suicide missions behind enemy lines. However, the Division’s appointed commander, Misanthropy, proved far more effective as a leader than the Republic had anticipated, and the Havocons cut a bloody swathe through the militarised border zone to which they had been assigned. Reprisal himself was instrumental in this, the skills he had learned through his bombing campaign proving their use time and again in assaults on fortified positions. However, this was all in vain, as Shockwave perceived the tides of war shifting against him, and unleashed Tarn’s nuclear arsenal in a now-familiar end to the story.


Little is known about Reprisals actions after this, save for his involvement in the continuance of the Havocon Division – now seeing themselves as the guardians of the ruins of Vos, the successors to the Republic as rules of what has become an empire of ash. What is known, however, are the circumstances of his death. Having been captured by Misanthropy, Reprisal revealed his loyalty to lie with Genocide, who had been Misanthropy’s successor as leader of the Havocons. In response to Reprisal’s refusal to divulge Genocide’s plans and whereabouts, he was summarily executed by Misanthropy, who finally allowed his disgust at Reprisal’s terrorist past to cloud his actions.

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