Biographical information


Date of birth

About 36,000 years ago

Date of death

They'll never take me alive, suckers!

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Technorganic bug-beast





Sensor color


Personal information

Monsterbots, occasionally the other Autobots


Decepticons, any Autobots that aren't Monsterbots


Renegade Autobot


Monsterbot Leader

Chronological and political information



Monsterbot, former Autobot

"I love being me."

Repugnus is the most vicious, cruel and crude Autobot ever protoformed. A troublemaker since he was in the Autobot Academy, Repugnus and his two teammates eventually left the Autobots to become a trio of mercenaries, who hunt down criminals for profit... And fun. However, when it comes down to it, he hates the Decepticons as much as any other Autobot. Or maybe he just loves slagging Decepticons. We honestly don't know.


Repugnus and his teammates, who were known criminals, were being hunted down by Primal Prime many cycles ago. However, the three escaped, using their illegally modified ship to transwarp to an alien world, where, in a fit of recklessness, willingly scanned the forms of native alien beasts. Unlike others, Repugnus and his teammates greatly enjoyed these new monstrous forms, and then used their ship to warp to a backwater planet known as Earth, where they hid in a swamp that humans would later name the Everglades.

Boy, were they surprised when Primal prime showed up, this time with a crew! At first, the two factions clashed, but an uneasy peace was formed between the Autobots and Monsterbots when Porter C. Powell threatend to destroy their swamp home to illegally build his new casino. The Autobots and Monsterbots teamed up, stopping the corrupt CEO and finally arresting him for crimes he committed, both as CEO and as an associate of many shady enterprises.

This alliance would be put to the test when General of Destruction Scourge, now promoted to Decepticon leader, attacked, planning to turn Earth into the first conquest of his regime for its role in defeating previous leader, Megatron! Without the help of Repugnus and his team, Primal Prime and his crew surely would have lost.