Rim Cap One is a hero of justice and world's foremost master of Metal Kwon Do.

"Reforming evil can be tricky."

Raised by Old Rim Cap One (who isn't Rim Cap Zero but it would make sense if he were), Rim Cap One (not old) is a professional reformer of evil. After the possibly successful reformation of Clangsack and Frumplezone, Rim Cap has decided to take on several more reformees from Stone Cold Ultra Magnus.

  • Memory: dark-oiled nucleon addict with a mild case of multiple personality disorder and a periodic craving for muffins.
  • Grease Tire: Dark-oiled ex-mobster suffering from tourettes.
  • Billy Club: British thug of questionable intellect. He was intentionally placed on the team by Geese Powered to assassinate Rim Cap One. This isn't likely to happen.
  • Many others.

With lots of kicks, patience, bright numbered smiles, and kicks, Rim is sure he'll be able to stomp the evil out of his charges. Aiding him, he has his two sons, Gray Rim Cap and Black Rim Cap, his good friend Monsoon. Nothing will stop his quest for perfect justice through the study of Metal Kwon Do and the defeat of evil, however there's a strong chance Rim Cap will be distracted: He's not especially bright.

But the forces of EVIL want to stop him, and who can blame them?

Behind the Scenes

Rim Cap One is based off of the video game character "Kim Kaphwan" from SNK.

And he's great.

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