Biographical information

Autobot colony on Nebulos

Date of birth

Around 27,000 years old

Date of death

Not yet!

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Police racer


Female Programming



Sensor color


Personal information

Primal Prime's team







Chronological and political information




I'm not just one of the guys- I'm better.

Roulette is not a fembot you should mess with! She's fast, relatively strong for her lithe frame, and professional. She is capable of moving at high speeds silently, and is really stealthy! One of her favorite weapons is the ancient Nebulan lance she carries, which gives her abilities beyond the realm of most Transformers! Her ability to alter the luck of those around her one of the fiercest Autobots on Primal Prime's team.


Roulette was protoformed on the Autobot colony of Nebulos. She always had a knack for studying the ruins of this ancient world, and when there was an opening on a research vessel, she jumped at the chance to find out more about other alien cultures.

However, none of the crew of the Axalon counted on running into the Decepticon warship, the Darksyde, when researching the planet Goo! After a battle against the diabolical Scourge and his crew, known as the Thrull Team, the Autobots were forced to beat a hasty retreat to a nearby Space Bridge when the Darksyde transformed into the titanic Decepticon, Tidal Wave!

The Axalon and its crew were transwarped to a mostly harmless planet named Earth, crashing off the coast of the city of Miami, Florida around the year 2102.

When the Autobots bailed out of the ship, they were greeted with fear by the residents, due to another crew of Autobots having fought the Decepticons. However, this crew secretly made friends with the most powerful (young) man in Miami, Kenji King.

When the eco-terrorist supervillain Absolute Zero tried to freeze Miami, Roulette was the only Autobot capable of taking him down. After stopping his crackpot scheme to stop global warming by freezing Miami (How the HELL would that work?!), Roulette and the other Autobots were welcomed as heroes.



Roulette (Deluxe, 200?)

Roulette is a toy released in very very small amounts. Flareup converts from a mostly yellow formula racer-like vehicle with royal purple accents into a rather non-kibbly skinny robot mode heavily reminiscint of the Digimon Sakuyamon. Her gimmickry is her vehicle mode's front section becomes her magic lance.


  • Like Sakuyamon, she would be voiced by Mari Devon.

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