Rundas Prime

Rundas Prime was the son of The Fallen. After learning of his father's death at Optimus Prime's hands, he set out to avenge the death.


Just 10 years old when his father died, Rundas was furious with the Autobots. As he got older, he longed to avenge The Fallen's death. After he turned 25, Rundas went to confront the Autobots. He engaged in an intense battle against Optimus. When he lost the advantage, the angry Decepticon realized that His father had once been good, but turned evil. Rundas defected to the Autobots, switching sides. After a while, The Autobots left Earth to find Megatron and Starscream. During the fight, Rundas suffered a fatal spark attack. As Megatron prepared to annihilate the new Autobot, Rundas summoned his final strengh and blasted Megatron into Jupiter's infamous "Great Red Spot". Autobots from all over the universe came to The deceased Prime's funeral. While some Autobots never agreed with him, they all knew he died a Hero.