Sanya is Ursus' partner/friend, and is, like him, a Fuzor. She is an excellent tracker due to her alternate mode, and she can fly. She has a very wry sense of humor, and as such, Papil often gets on her nerves. Sanya is very easy to anger, but she is also very loyal to her friends.
Biographical information


Physical description
Alternate Mode

Striped Hyaena/Lappet-faced vulture Fuzor





Sensor color


Personal information

Maximals, Predacons (sometimes)


Predacons, Venocons, 4 Horsemen, Renegades



Chronological and political information

The New Beast Wars





Sanya is rather young, and is only older than Papil by a few years. She is very street-smart, due to living in Darkmount for most of her life. She was found by Ursus after someone tried to mug her. Ursus ripped both of her attacker's arms off, and then stuck him in a dumpster. He then offered her a position as his partner, and she accepted.

The Quest

Sanya and Ursus received the call from Zero, and though she had never met him, Sanya took a liking to him. Zero and her became friends almost immeadiately.


Sanya is an exceptional tracker on par with Ursus. Her attention to detail is stunning, and her optical sensors are exceptional. She is an excellent lockpick, and very stealthy in both modes. Her jaws are very powerful, able to snap another Transformers leg off in a single bite. She is armed with feather missiles, and an energon gatling gun in her chest. This gun absorbs energon radiation from the air and channels it into her shells. Her gun is very fast-firing, capable of shooting 600 rounds a minute. She also has missile launchers under her wings that carry the equivalent of .5 tons of TNT. The missiles are armor-piercing, able to move through a foot of solid rock with minimal loss of speed. They have a range of 1.5 miles, though she rarely uses them at this range. Sanya is not very well armored or strong, forcing her to rely on ranged weapons in combat.

Behind the scenes

Sanya was the first character in this series to be thought up. She originally had a differnet body design, but I settled for Fuzor Silverbolt as the base.


Sanya has bronze metallic sections, tan fur, and black stripes. She also has black wings and silver missile launchers. She has blue eyes in both modes like Ursus.


To make a toy of Sanya, first get a BW Fuzor Silverbolt(he works better than the two redecoes). Paint tan over the silver, save for a small line on her beast mode back. Add some black stripes all over the body. Paint the wings black and the missiles silver. Then stick someting under the wings to simulate missile launchers.