Savage is a fictional antagonist and the self appointed leader of the Terracons in Transformers Y3K(A New Threat Emerges). He is represented by a purple paint job.

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"I am Savage!"
Savage apparently takes speech lessons from Megatron.


Once the proud and radically inclined scientist, Sebastian Trenton, is now no more than the former shell of what he once was. Savage takes what he can to make possible, even if it means total obliteration. Since his human soul and mind have become one with the husk of unit 1, his judgment has become flawed. His views on human/cybertronian coexistence has driven him to the point of destroying any one human that defies his sights on man kind's loyalty. He doesn't let his many failures stop him as he continues to attack his enemies at full throttle. Yet even while knocking on death's door, he fails. As he lay in wait for death's grip after Rickshaw's dubious toying, he over heard Relapse tormenting his former leader about where loyalties lie. Understanding that the present was in trouble for the past being uncovered yet again, he tried getting word out to Darrigan, yet he failed in delivering the message to Darrigan in hopes to cover up the past once more.