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Schaffer is a human protagonist in the fiction A New Threat Emerges. Unlike Trenton, he does see a difference in the giants known as Transformers. He risked his job freeing and repairing Soundbyte. Eventually he becomes the teams residential medic.


Schaffer is first seen as a test pilot for Unit 0. He feels that any creature to show such suffering under pressure has to be alive and breathing, where as to Trenton, he only sees doomsday machines. Rejecting the path he has chosen, Schaffer risks his job and frees Soundbyte.

He later joins up with the small group during the middle of the downtown battle between Terracon and Transformer, proclaiming that without him, they wouldn't last long. Reluctantly, Blockade sends him with Mudslinger where they later team up with Sparkshot and the others. He also has proven that he is reliable, having information on enemy terms. He had told them that there were two sparks, One being Optimus Prime's, the other was only mentioned in worry that it be not revealed to the public.

Being that he has proven himself a worthy mechanic, he joins the junkpit crew to be closer to the autobots. He currently resides at the junkpit during working hours, often bringing the others items to keep them occupied when there's no action.


Seeing as he is resourceful and can repair cybertronian technology, Blockade happily accepts him as part of the team. Being that he is one of very few allies they have on earth, Blockade is more than appreciative of his company.

Professor Sebastian Trenton
Schaffer was originally apart of the Terracon squad. Having built and test run the creatures. He evidently loses his job as a mechanic engineer after leaked information pointed him as the one to have released the prisoner, Soundbyte. He finds Trenton's thoughts of the transformers idly heartless.

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