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Scorponok is a decepticon in Universes: ut

4 million years agon, Scorponok was the leader and founder of the original decepticon rebellion. When he and his faction lost the war, he went into hiding on the planet Charr. When news of Megatron's failure reached him he rallied the remaining decepticon forces and created his own elite team called the terrorcons out of the Greatest decepticon warlords. He has also become obsessed with earth and is now attempting to steal its precious resources.

Abilities: Subject has immense strength and endurance. He has multiple Electro-guns in all of his modes.

Weaknesses: Apart from sluggishness in robot mode he has no known weakness

Strength 10
Intelligence 9
Speed 9
Endurance 10
Courage 10
Rank 10
Firepower 10
Skill 9
Total 77


R scorponok049
R scorponok062

R scorponok038

R scorponok003

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