Selene is an Autobot in Transformers:Aftermath. She is a legend among the Autobots for her merciless attitude towards Decepticons, and she maintains it on Earth. She was assigned to protect the two humans, Zoe Jones and Joey Smith. She at first was rather condescending to the humans, but she warmed up to them over time. She was once partners with Apollo, but after his supposed death at Decepticon hands, she turned into her present personality.
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Black/silver Bentley Continental GT





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Autobots, Mutants


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Selene and Apollo were a legendary duo back on Cybertron, reputed to have killed more Decepticons than anyone else. Their weapons were designed to complement each other, and they both possesed repulsor weapons as a sign of their friendship. When a Decepticon detonated a close-range gamma bomb on Apollo's chest, he was assumed dead. She went from a happy and friendly person to a bitter and cynical person. Her anger came out on the battlefield, and Megatron placed a price on her head. She was assigned to the Freedom 13 for her own safety. In Book 1, she landed in a parking lot of a car dealership and scanned a Bentley Continental GT. She then met up with Acid and Wing. In Book 2, she took down Chopper by ramming him in vehicle mode and shooting him with repulsors, and was surprised to see Apollo, who revealed his newfound Decepticon allegiance. She sliced off his cannons with shuriken before shooting him in the chest. She then retreated when Boomer began his attack.


Selene's most distinctive weapon is her staff. It can reconfigure into a variety of close-combat weapons, including a spear, nunchuka, whip, and can even sprout blades from numerous areas. The staff is made out of an unknown alloy which is extremely durable, able to slam through a tree with a glancing blow. For ranged combat, she carries an energon rifle with a range of 2 miles. She also has shuriken which are capable of carrying small explosivesans are extremely sharp. She is armed with repulsors in her hands that can blow the door off a bank vault. She is extremely agile in combat, and is able to dodge most weapons. This is fortunate as she has below-average armor, and is easily damaged as a result. Her optical sensors are extremely sensitive to bright light, and she can be blinded by too much of it. Her vehicle mode is able to reach speeds of 250 mph, and has very good handling. She can achieve similar speeds in robot mode thanks to her feet having wheels in them.


Selene's vehicle mode is black with silver stripes. These stripes are also visible in robot mode. She has blue eyes. Her proprtions look rather like Jazz, only more feminine.

Behind the scenes

Selene is named after an ancient lunar deity. Her shuriken are a nod to the character of the same name from the 'Underworld' movies.