Sharp Blade is an Predacons in the Beast Era portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Sharp Blade
Biographical information

Cybertron (as protoform)

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Fuzor ("half fish and half birth")

Personal information


Chronological and political information

Beast Era



Shortly after the apparent death of Rhinox ("Rhinox is Death"), the Maximals attempted to retreive some fallen "stases pods". At least one of these was already reprogrammed by the Predacons, as Sharp Blade emerged and announced his allegiance.

Megatron said it was very nice to meet the new warrior, but next time he should take an appointment.

Sharp Blade's relationship, if any, to the similarly named and altmoded Death Blade is unknown. They may be alternate-continuity counterparts of each other. Isn't a multiverse fun?

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