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"I live to serve you and you alone council.....for now"

Shockblast was a decepticon commander during the Great War, he and his fellow commander Shockwave planned to take away the power from Megatron so that they could rule the Decepticons. After shockwave was defeated after leading the Decepticons for a few years Shockblast planned to rule the Decepticons all on his own. But he knew that he needed time. But as megatron became Galvatron Shockblast was the first on his list to destroy, but he knew this and escaped to the polar regions of Cybertron where he secreatly froze himeself so he could rule in the future. After the Great war and the Maximal and Predacon era a group of transformers, calling themselfs Duicons found and de-froze him so that he could serve them and their Council. Shockblast soon found himself a slave to these new transformers, of course they incased a colar around his neck so he would stay loyal to them.


War and Peace

Before becoming a decepticon commander and Shockwave's second in command,Shockblast was a weapons designer for the CDS, a company that sold weapons to other cybertronian planet's. Soon Shockblast joined the arena battles, he quickly became a Fan favorite to the crowed and others, but of course he only wanted to battle. Soon after winning a battle between him and the champion Cyclonus he met Megatron, a little well know Separatist that controlled Kaon and the arena battles. Shockblast thus followed him to the veiwing platform at the top of the arena. Megatron said that Cybertron was wasting it power on peace and that the ruling council was corrupt and should no longer rule, shockblast agreed. Thus he was given the mark of the Separatist, which called themselves Decepticons. During the time of planning the first attack Shockblast was promoted to Megatrons inner circle, the first he made friend was to a decepticon know as Starscream. Starscream told Shockblast of a plan that would destroy megatron and help him rule, shockblast decided that megatron was not fit to lead, but neither was Starscream and only he was able to lead.



Shockblast's earth mode

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