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Shockwave is a Decepticon from the Earth continuity family


Shockwave (Earth)

Shockwave's Alt-Mode: EE-11 Uruntu

Calling Shockwave a doctor is a bit ofa stretch. He's more of a psycho surgeon. Shockave is more interested in cutting up fallen decepticons than repairing them. Shockwave can usually be found in the Agonizing Behavioural Correction Department, devising new ways of causing as much pain as posible. But while he is definitely insane, he's also a scheming genious. He could give Soundwave a run for his energon. But he's not a blustering fool like Starscream or Thundercracker. Shockwave has quietly been plotting Megatron's downfall since day 1. And when the time is right, all will hail Shockwave.



Laser Scalpel, Medi Scanner, Sling Shock, EDK Techvolt and Cybertonium Edge Chainsaw.


Chief Medic.


Shockwave transforms into an EE-11 Uruntu armoured reconnasance vehicle. He uses it to get to his "patients". Wounded decepticons run when they see him.

Special Ability

Sockwave can fire bolts of lighting from his eye. He is also a technical genius, able to build transformers out of almost nothing. But he can't give them Sparks.

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