—How Shockwave ends most of his sentences

Shockwave is the chief medic and scientist of Team Thunderstrike.

Shockwave Robot


Shockwave is a scientist dedicated to two things: Atoning for hos past mistakes, and logic. His experiments with weapons, biomechanics, and ancient technology make him a valuable resource for both Team Thunderstrike and the Autobots as a whole.


Deserting the Decepticons

Shockwave was formerly Megatron's second in command and is responsible for creating the Dinobots, Insecticons, and Bruticus. As the war began to reach a turning point in the Autobot's favour, he moved on to his latest experiment, His goal was to fuse Insecticon CNA with that of both standard Cybertronians and the Dinobots. The experiment was successful, creating two beings Shockwave dubbed Electroshell and Buzzsaw. Megatron, terrified of the power these two posed, ordered Shockwave to terminate them. Shockwave, unable to kill his greatest creations, staged an escape from Kolkular with them. He then came across Soundwave cradling Laserbeak and Rumble's crushed bodies. Soundwave revealed that the two had been killed by Megatron as punishment for Soundwave failing to take down the Autobot comms network. Soundwave then joined Shockwave in his escape.

Joining the Autobots

When Shockwave, Soundwave, Electroshell, and Buzzsaw showed up at Iacon, it would be an understatement to say that the Autobots were shocked. Shockwave explained the situation to Optimus Prime, and the Prime welcomed the four into the Autobot ranks.

Team Thunderstike

After Optimus Prime made the decision to form an elite team of commandos to tackle difficult missions, Shockwave immediately signed on as the team's chief medic and scientific adviser. Devastator was glad to have Shockwave's mind on board, and welcomed him to the team.


After realizing how outmatched the Autobots were by the combiners he had once created for the Decepticons, Shockwave decided the Autobots needed a combiner of their own. After upgrading Soundwave, Palisade, Roadstalker, Sonicfire, and himself to be able to shift into the correct form, the five members of Team Thunderstrike merged into Stormbreaker, with Shockwave forming the left leg.