Sideswipe is an Autobot in the N.E.S.T Alliance fanfic


Sideswipe is built for speed, he is streamlined in both car and robot forms this makes him an excellent scout for the Autobots.

Doing everything from searching for fuel to scouting out Decepticon outposts this Autobot is never seen, except for the occasional blurred outline. Of course, being built for speed means he is scant on weapons and even less so on armor because that would slow his impressive speeds. He can fight, though mainly through the use of slim swords which are built into his bodyframe.


Deluxe Sideswipe (2010)

A Deluxe class toy of Sideswipe that was released with Deluxe Cliffjumper, Deluxe Dirge, and Voyager Tankor in the 'Facility Battle package.

Deluxe Battle Damaged Sideswipe (2010)

A recolor of Deluxe Sideswipe with dents in the arms and legs, along with removable blades and a chest that can open.

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