Being the smallest and slowest Aerialbot, Slingshot is terrified of his team mates’ disapproval. He would do anything to please them, and is often seen cringing and whimpering in the wake of one or more of his team mates, all but begging for some positive word. He even goes so far as to allow the other Aerialbots to take credit for his own accomplishments, all in his desperate attempts to make them like him. Of course, that means that Silverbolt doesn’t always realize when Slingshot has actually proven himself useful, and Slingshot knows that he is continually one step away from being excommunicated from the Pure Aerialbot Elite. He realizes that if he doesn’t prove himself as capable as his brethren, he may soon face banishment, but he can’t help hoping beyond hope that someday they might actually like him, and so he continues to grovel. . . .

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