Solar Flare is an Autobot in various portions of the Generation 1 continuity Family.

Solar Flare
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"If you don't want to get scorched, then stay outta the sun!" - Solar Flare
"For the last time, Solar Flare, I really don't want to hear any more quotes from Futurama." - Optimus Prime

Solar Flare is a young 'bot with a great love of freedom, skating, and human cartoons. Thanks to damage to his protoform, Solar Flare was once dependent on an intrusive life-support system that left him introverted and unable even to transform; but good 'ol ultraviolet radiation took care of that, and now Solar Flare won't stop running, jumping, and especially talking.


TBA When the protoform that would become Solar Flare was still yet to be activated, the facility in which it was stored was damaged in a Decepticon air raid led by Sunstorm . Though most of the protoforms there were destroyed, Solar Flare's was not, and it was eventually activated and developed into Solar Flare. Unfortunately, the orange Seeker's ultraviolet radiation left the young Autobot's protoform underdeveloped, resulting in a small form (Approx. 11 feet tall!) and an insufficient, 'mutated' energy conversion system. Solar Flare was unable to process Energon with any degree of efficiency, instead relying on ultraviolet radiation in a form of photosynthesis. Due to the relatively great distance between Cybertron and any star, Solar Flare had to be hooked up to an intrusive life-support system that hampered his ability to transform and isolated him from other young Autobots.


Universe (2008)

  • Solar Flare (Deluxe, 2009)
  • Accessories:
Solar Flare transforms into an orange and yellow 2008 Smart Fortwo
Common complaints with the toy usually involve the sloppy paint applications, some of which can shed if one is not careful.

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Solar Flare never personally selected an altmode on Cybertron, due to the interference of his Life Support system. On Earth, he spent some time in the Ark, searching for a moderately common vehicle mode small enough for his limited mass to adapt; one which could easily be outfitted with solar panels. He found this ideal form in the SmartCar. His vehicle mode is decked out with a semitransparent yellow-orange paint job featuring yellow starburst airbrushing, the transparency revealing super-efficient solar paneling throughout the chassis.