Something Prime
Biographical information

Presumably Planet Cybertron

Date of birth


Date of death

Presuambly at some point

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Unknown (my O'clocks' on it being a trukk)




Very tall

Sensor color


Personal information



Big Cheese

Chronological and political information

Bored Fish era


Arbitrary Autobots

"Hyper Goldfish! Make Active!"
—Something Prime

Something Prime is the founder of the Arbitrary Autobots and possibly the first bearer of the Autobot Matrix of Stuff. A wise and benevolent leader, he foresaw the coming of the Customercons and the devastation that they would unleash. In response, he vowed that he would stop them, no matter the cost.

At some stage, he was offlined permanently, and passed the mantle of leadership and the Matrix to his successor. They would, in turn, pass it down to their successor, and then unto the next and so on and so forth across the aeons. Eventually, his mantle would be inherited by Fishimus Prime. Which is a bit of a let-down, really.

Other then that, not much is known about him. It can be presumed that he was largely red, had a blue helmet with a grey facemask, turned into some sort of truck and had a glowey thing in his chest.

Japanese name: Something Convoy

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