Sonicblast, aerial expert of the Autobot Spartans

Sonicblast is a member of the Autobot Spartans and is Maximus Prime's best friend in the Transformers: The New Age fanon.

"If you can't keep up, you're in serious trouble."


Sonicblast serves as Aerial Warfare Expert for the Autobot Spartans. He is also Maximus Prime's oldest and closest friend. He transforms into a F-16 Fighting Falcon.


A young and hardened warrior, Sonicblast knew Overdrive while they were training together at the Iacon Military Academy. The two quickly became best friends and brothers-in-arms. When Overdrive was called up for active service, Sonicblast decided to stay at the academy and continue training. The two hardly saw each other after that, and when Overdrive left on the Ark exploration mission, Sonicblast would never see him again for four million years. Sonicblast was very shocked to discover that Maximus Prime, the Autobot who reactivated the crew of the Elysian Gynru, was actually his old dear friend Overdrive. Since then the two have been inseperable. Easy-going and very friendly, you would never know he was such a formidiable fighter. A skillful flyer, Sonicblast is second to very few when it comes to flying.


Sonicblast serves primarily as a quick strike soldier. He is able to travel at speeds up to Mach 2.4 and can carry a large amount of weapons. This makes him deadly and powerful. Sonicblast also has an uncanny ability of avoiding attacks from above and below. This has earned him a reputation as a superior dogfighter.


Sonicblast has little in the ways of defense, relying on his speed most of the time. His armor is weak, so if someone does manage to get a lucky shot, more than likely he'll go down. Sonicblast can also be very narrow-minded sometimes, especially in the heat of battle. He'll overlook things that could be important later, and he feels the consequences afterwards.

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