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Terrance Surge, Daniel Lovack, Schaffer


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Soundbyte is a fanonical Autobot from the fiction A New Threat Emerges. He has a taste in Hardcore Punk/ Noise Rock music which in factuality he uses in battle. Using the high pitch frequencies in such music as a sonic blast, he can easily bend a building to its knees. Soundbyte's choice in music is an inside joke between the author and her brother.

"Music solves all problems, baby."


Soundbyte has an odd taste in music, quite often using the ear peircing frequencies created by the band Coalesce as his choice for rendering sonic blasts. Having been forced into a test battle with a Terracon unit, Soundbyte is a bit leary of Schaffer for having previous worked at the tower. Schaffer reluctantly repaired the autobot and got him out, feeling that anything to show such emotion must be a living, breathing being. When not speeking his own, Soundbyte channels surfs through the radio, often using lyrics to provide his answers.


<- "You're outside the lab. I-I-I was able to get you out and repaired. I may have injured my job, but it was the only decision." He peers out at the giant, fear stricken within every inch of his being.

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." As if channel surfing through the radio, the bot spoke out. Through lyrics it seemed as the cannon retreated, reforming a hand. Schaffer looked up at him, slowly lowering his arms yet he dare not do anything to provoke the being. It was hard enough as it was to trust the white coats, and even harder still to trust a being who endured a troubling experience. ->

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In battles Soundbyte gets carried away. Determined to take down his enemies, whether they be decepticon or Terracon he often becomes destructive. Soundbyte refers to himself as 'the perfect warrior'. Yet even in battle he distastefully admits when he can't handle anymore when the squadron is under immense fire.

Soundbyte's alt mode is described as a black Luxury Conversion bus with neon lights attached to the under carriage.


Quite often calling him 'Cap'n', Soundbyte respects the aging leader for his wisdom and his bravery in battle. He is always more than eager to follow orders from Blockade.

He often ejoys poking Timeshift with his taste in music, finding joy in the autobot's frustration. Deep down both he and Timeshift share a brotherly bond.

Often referreing him as his 'little buddy', Soundbyte and Mudslinger go way back.


  • The author is a blood relative to the lead singer of Coalesce.
  • Quite often the music produced by Coalesce is referred to as 'A jet engine starting and everyone's screaming', making it a viable plausibility for Soundbyte's sonic blasts.