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Soundwave (Earth)

Soundwave's Alt-Mode: F117A Nighthawk

Soundwave is a Decepticon from the Earth continuity family


Nobody likes Soundwave. He's a creepy 'con. Even the other Decepticons try to avoid him whenever possible. Soundwave is supposedly just a humble communications officer, but in actual fact he is Megatron's most trusted ally. Soundwave follows Megaron's orders to the letter and reports back to him whenever he hears of any dissent amog the ranks. He hears everything, and his partner Lazerbeak goes everywhere. Since arriving on Earth, Soundwave has been slowly rebuilding his master into his former glory and regrouping the decepticons.



Resonance Blaster, Harmonic Wave Distortor, Electron Bolter and Lazerbeak.


Communications Officer (Decepticon Spy)


Soundwave transforms into an F117 Nighthawk.

Special Ability

Soundwave's ability is he can manipulate soundwaves, to change his voice, pick up transmissions or deflect SONAR. His sensors are also powerful enough to be able to detect and decode minute electrical patterns in the brain and read what you are thinking.

Soundwave's body is also packed with defences, in case he is ever captured, put into shut-down or caught off guard. These include sonic pulses, electrical discharges, the release of a computer virus (should someone attempt to hack his software) and a spray of weak cosmic rust.

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