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Howler monkey, Brazilian wandering spider fuzor



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Spidermonkey was a Maximal "born" on Earth during the Beast wars


Spidermonkey was one of the protoforms ejected from the Axalon when it was attacked by the Darksyde. His stasis pod remained in orbit for months before finaly being pulled down to Earth. Quickly detecting his arrival both the Predacons and the Maximals rushed to get to him. Fortunatley for the Maximals he had already emerged from his stasis pod and had scanned a howler monkey and Brazilian wandering spider and quickly joined the Maximals. He was something of a rookie, having very little training, he couldn't fly a ship very well, couldn't hack into Predacon computers or even pick a simple lock. His only advantage was his beast form which was quick and agile and had excellent tree climbing capabilities as well as a knowledge of poisons. He was very stubborn and quick to rush into battle even against large odds stacked against him. His best friend was Cheetor and he often covered him in battle. He also had a habit of shooting Waspinator, sometimes just for the fun of it even if he wasn't doing anything that could harm the Maximals. He also didn't trust Blackarachnia vey much and constantly reminded others of the fact that she was a Predacon, leading to animosity between him and Silverbolt. After returning to Cybertron he was captured and turned into the Vehicon general Racer and lead the race car dones. While in Vehicon form he was noted to have a hatred of both Thrust and Jetstorm. He was later recovered by the Maximals and given a new body which was very similar to his old one, even having the same beast mode. He lived in peace on Cybertron after it was turned into a technorganic world, although he asked himself "What effect did this have on Primus?". Interestingly he was shown to be able to produce webs although it was never answered as to how he produced them.