Spoon is a figure of intrigue and mystery. And awesomeness. About fifteen billion space-tonnes of it, to be precise.

Is this the Spoon of which the legends speak?

Appearances to Date

Spoon has, so far, only made on appearance within the world of Transfandom. 'Twas within the annals of Falldown's Transformer Photocomic that Spoon made his crippling debut against his arch-rival Sage o' G-Fruit. Disguised as another one of Sage o' G-Fruit's heroic adversaries, the Savant of Pineapples, Spoon soundly defeated and humiliated Sage o' G-Fruit in the first of many spectacular and wildly improbable victories.

Rivalry with Sage o' G-Fruit


A mighty tome, of which Spoon is but the humble scribe

Spoon is generally regarded as a creature of love and compassion. There is one vile creature, however, to whom Spoon will show no compassion and give no quarter: Sage o' G-Fruit. Ever since a slight disagreement over avatar choice, with Spoon choosing the heroic and dashing Master, and Sage o' G-Fruit choosing the malevolent Doctor.

Since then, their battle has escalated across the TFW2005 boards, in comics, and extending out as far as Twitter. Spoon has declared that he will not tire until the most unwholesome villainy of Sage o' G-Fruit is at an end.

All Hail Megatron

It has been rumoured that with the abandonment of the current storyline in the ongoing webcomic 'All Hail Megatron', the mighty Spoon himself might be making an appearance in those most sacred of annals.

External Links

All Hail Megatron- A 'funny' webcomic penned by Spoon

Children of the Revolution- A more seriously oriented webcomic penned by Spoon

The Enemy

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