Springer is an Autobot in the N.E.S.T Alliance fanfic


Springer is the twin to Evac and is the more powerful of the two. He is chock full of weapons and is a formidable foe to any Decepticon warrior.

Due to him and his brother having aireal altmodes they have slight superiority complexes and consider themselves a step above ground based Transformers.

This did not stop them making friends, however, and Springer has a close rlationship with Cliffjumper.


Voyager Springer (2010)

A Voyager class toy of Springer that is packaged with Deluxe Exo-Dirge, Voyager Evac, Voyager Quickmix, Voyager Predaking, and Deluxe Spark Cliffjumper in the 'Final Duel' pack.

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