Star Wars Infinities: More Than Meets The Eye is a Star Wars Infinities crossover comic. As such, it is a short "What If?" type story where Darth Vader ends up in the Transformers live-action movie universe. The comic appeared in an issue of the Star Wars Infinities series with a "crossover" theme; the issue also featured Indiana Jones, Howard the Duck, G.I. Joe live-action movie and Soulcalibur crossovers, among others.


During a battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, Darth Vader, the Empire's Dark Lord, notices a disturbance in space. He travels through the portal, where he lands on a strange new planet. Once there, he crash-lands and ends up in a temporary coma. Upon waking up, he encounters Bumblebee and Sam, who recovered his body and take him to the Autobots. Vader then immediately begins attacking Bumblebee, Sam and various other Autobots until Optimus Prime appears and picks up Vader in his hand. Apparently impressed by Vader's unique weapon and special abilities, Prime attempts to recruit the Dark Lord as an ally in the Autobots' struggle against the Decepticons. Despite Sam's warnings that Vader is evil and would simply attempt to take over the world himself, Prime believes that Vader can be convinced into doing the right thing due to his unfamiliarity with Earth and the two warring robot factions. Sam turns out to be right; Vader refuses to join the Autobots, resolves to take command of the Decepticon army himself and assimilate the Decepticons themselves into the Empire to be used against the Rebels.

Vader then sets out in search of Megatron and kills him using his starship. Vader then extracts the fragments of the Allspark embedded within Megatron to empower himself, and fuses himself with his ship, thus becoming a Transformer. The now-colossal Dark Lord intimidates the other Decepticons into taking him as their leader by using the force, and he leads a strike against the Autobots. Both factions fight and Vader duels against Prime, eventually gaining the upper hand. However, Vader is finally killed by a surprise attack from the Millennium Falcon, which apparently arrived on Earth through the same portal. The Falcon then splits into its two robot constituents, Han Solo and Chewbacca, who express their dissatisfaction at having been turned into Transformers by Sam's own remaining fragments of the Allspark.







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