Starscream is a Decepticon Seeker from the Earth continuity family


Seekers (Earth)

Starscream's Alt-Mode F-16 Fighting Falcon. Starscream is the grey one.

If a shady double dealer was a robot, he would be Starscream. The decpticon Air Commander is every bit as wise and powerful as Megatron. Or so he says. Starscream is clever, well... more devious. He is cunning... sneaky. But he is no coward. If he was his Seekers would rip him to shreds. (He hopes) not literally. But he is as skilled on the ground as he is in the air. His claws can rip an Autobot in two and his assortment of missiles, bombs and machine guns can easily outgun any opponent. Except Megatron.



Null Rays, V22 Cyber Corruptor and his swords.


Decepticon Air Commander


Starscream transforms into an F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Special Ability

Starscream's special ability is he can hynotise weak-willed being's into doing his bidding.

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