The ever-snarky but ever-loyal and ever-goofy second-in-command of the Decepticons. He's well-loved and trusted by all . . . and he loves to call Megatron "Mighty Megatron," just to razz him. When in the presence of other Decepticons, Starscream's known for being the outgoing "cheerleader" of the cause, the one who always sees the bright side of things and who always optimistically insists that the situation, whatever it is, will get better. He's also known for comforting others when they're down or when the weight of the Decepticons' against-the-odds undertaking threatens to break them. Privately, however, there's a part of Starscream that despairs of ever winning the fight and restoring peace and freedom to Cybertron. . . .

Toys: Generation 1

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