Steeljaw is a Maximal in Transformers: The New Beast Wars. He is the oldest member of the team, having existed since the begging of the Great War. After the Great Upgrade, he became a miner, using his keen sense of smell to sniff out valuable minerals, and his personality didn't change much. That changed when his accident occured, and he lost most of his sense of smell. The experience humbled him, and he continued mining until he was called for the expedition. He is third-in-command, and relishes the role, acting like a drill-sergeant to the lower-ranking crew. This has made him unpopular, and even Papil gets ticked off at him sometimes. He claims to be merely looking out for them, an example of his true feelings.
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Transmetal lion/drilling vehicle





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Maximals, Predacons(sometimes)


Predacons, Venocons, 4 Horsemen, Renegades





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The New Beast Wars





Steeljaw's life before the expedition is sketchy. One of his most notable accomplishments was excavating the first shard, and 50% of all subsuquent ones. Then the accident occured. Steeljaw was drilling when he came across an undetected energon seam. As some nearby miners set off explosive charges, the energon exploded into his face. Even with the most advanced repairs, his sense of smell could only be restored to a fraction of what it once was.

The Quest

Steeljaw was walking home from another day at work, when a flier caught his eye. It was an offer for a quest offworld. Steeljaw hadn't been offworld in centuries. He immeadiately signed up, and met Zero, Ursus, Papil, and Sanya at the spaceport.


Steeljaw's mane is made out of an unknown super-alloy. This allows him to drill through pretty much any substances you care to name, even diamonds(as it is coated in them). He also has the ability to fire free-flight missiles equal to 1 ton of TNT at his opponents. Few can withstand such a barrage, as he fires six at a time. His jaws are just as powerful, if not more so, able to snap through a large tree with ease. He also has the sharpest claws in the crew, but he rarely uses them. He has a mace in both modes that allows him to crush through reinforced-steel without cracking. His missiles are slow and easy to dodge, and he isn't the fastest of the crew. He also cannot swim. He is, as a Transmetal, immune to energon radiation in both modes, as are Ursus and Sanya. He also isn't very stealthy, simply not caring to be.


Steeljaw has white 'flesh' and yellow metallic parts, with an orange mane. His claws are black, and he has blue eyes

Behind the scenes

Steeljaws beast mode is based off of Wikipedia:LoaderLeomon. He is the only transmetal on the team.